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Licensing error – Error: License File Exception (check the log file for details) Feature is Locked To A Different Host (-9,3035)

By Asad Raza
I recently attempted to apply a license to a virtualized Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6 that I had received through the Cisco licensing team as a β€œre-hosted” license. I attempted to apply multiple license files, however, I continued to receive the following error message: Licensing error – Error: License File Exception (check the log file […]

Ways to Populate the CUCM Enterprise Directory with External Contacts

By aurus5
Basically, the enterprise phone book addresses two simple business needs – you need to see who’s calling you and you need to find quickly any contact and call him. In Cisco UC environment this works well for employeesΒ  phones – if every employee is registered in Active Directory, you can find him on Cisco IP […]

Network Segmentation in Virtualized Enviornments

By Asad Raza
Anyone involved in the information technology sector should be aware of how ubiquitous virtualization has become in the data center. The benefits of virtualization may have been first seen in the server farm, however, it is no longer restricted to that part of that network. Today, we are gearing towards the virtualization of practically everything […]

Upgrading CUCM to provide support for new IP phones

By Asad Raza
Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything here. It has mostly been due to my incredibly tough schedule. I have yet to update the previous post about configuring a basic AA service on Unity Connection. I have the material ready in my head, but I wanted to get my hands on […]

Voice Traffic Engineering Primer

By Asad Raza
Traffic engineering is an integral building block in voice capacity planning and in ensuring a certain level of service to users. In the traditional telecommunications world, certain terminologies and calculations are used, that now apply to the world of IP-based voice communication. Some of these terms and values are as follows: Grade of Service: This […]

Call Control Signaling Overhead (SCCP & SIP)

By Asad Raza
Recently I was required to calculate the signaling overhead for a customer that had a centralized deployment without inter-site dialing. This would mean their signaling would travel over the WAN links, but no voice traffic. I had never thought about how much bandwidth SCCP (or SIP) uses since I assumed it would be negligible. That […]

CUCM Dial Plan for Pakistan

By Asad Raza
During my first CUCM implementation, I was completely lost as to where I should start creating a dial plan for Pakistan because all the documentation and books that I had read were targeted towards the North American numbering plan. This is understandable since most or all Cisco publication originated in North America. In any case, […]

Configuring Extension Mobility in CUCM 6.x – 8.x

By Asad Raza
I was going to do a detailed post on configuring Extension Mobility in CUCM, but then I came across a blog that already has a comprehensive, step-by-step post on the subject so I thought I would simply link to it. To configure Extension Mobility in CUCM 6.x – 8.x, follow this link. Good luck!

A little bit about ISDN Q.931

By Asad Raza
Lately I’ve been reading up on the Q.931 specification because it is important to understand the various messages involved such as the call transition messages (ALERTing, CALL PROCeeding, PROGress, SETUP, etc) and the general structure of the protocol in order to troubleshoot issues with ISDN as well as H.323 connectivity. The first thing I’d like […]