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Adaptive Cards

By Jeff Levensailor
Webex Teams recently released support for Adaptive Cards, which allow the user to interact with a teams user (typically a bot) without leaving the page. This is great for taking quick polls, and also piping data from other applications like help desk, travel and expenses, crm, etc. I love that Cisco adopted the Microsoft standard … Read More β†’


By Jeff Levensailor
With the 2.1 release of Cisco Meeting Server API, passcodeMode and passcodeTimeout was added to the callProfile section. This means the classic Personal Meeting Room behavior of the host and guests dialing the same bridge number and having 5 seconds to enter a host pin before defaulting to guest and entering the meeting. Having the … Read More β†’

Interview with Cisco DevNet

By Jeff Levensailor
Q: What have you been up to in the last year? The DevNet Creator award was the start of (and perhaps conduit to) a big 2018 for me. I placed second at Presidio’s yearly β€œShark Tank” coding contest with a CUCM Chat Ops tool called TACOS. I was asked to make a Proof of Concept … Read More β†’

ILS as a UDS Proxy

By Jeff Levensailor
Apart from sharing URIs and Patterns between clusters, ILS naturally shares UDS data, including home cluster. In the example below, only a single _cisco-uds._tcp record can exist due to a shared dns zone, however using feature group templates to control the home cluster setting means the user will be β€œfound” and home cluster information will … Read More β†’


By Jeff Levensailor
I was asked to help come up with a Proof of Concept using DNA Center APIs for Cisco Live 2018. After a few days in the sandbox, my group decided on an app that gives granular data on power usage using energy wise along with actionable outcomes. Along with granular cost analysis per IDF, per … Read More β†’

Camp Create 2018

By Jeff Levensailor
Camp Create is a part of Cisco’s DevNet Create conference and each year they pick about 30 people in groups of 5 and assign a topic. Think of it like a hackathon with some constraints to work with and a coach to guide you. Since my wife is a teacher, I decided to pick the … Read More β†’

Spark 2.0

By Jeff Levensailor
Throughout today’sΒ Cisco SparkΒ launch, I couldn’t help but to think I was watching not a Cisco event, but anΒ Apple one. Most of the event surrounded the newΒ Spark Board, which itself sounded again like Apple when it was described as β€œScandinavian minimalist design meets California approachability.” The entire Mantra of the Spark Board was nothing new on … Read More β†’

defining Microservices

By Jeff Levensailor
Another word I’ve heard buzzing around lately, microservices works to brings cloud and containers a step further and modularizes the application into smaller function-specific mini applications that work together through APIs. With this approach, the elasticity of the cloud is tunedΒ to the needs of the subscribers, and the business only pays for the network and … Read More β†’

at a glance: APIC-EM

By Jeff Levensailor
Cisco’s APIC-EM, or Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module is an OpenDayLightΒ based SDN (Software Defined Network) controller. You could also possibly call it Cisco’s attempt to Merakify the Enterprise. On the bright side, it’s a free virtual appliance and no license is required. One of the biggest features of APIC-EM is called Network Plug and … Read More β†’

on adapting

By Jeff Levensailor
When you change your dogs food, they get sick all over the place, they just can’t stomach change. As an IT professional, the dog food we know and love changes frequently.. The technology you spent all that time learning about last year is obsolete. Don’t get mad, adapt! As a collaboration engineer, my title didn’t … Read More β†’

10 Node.js packages that make coding easier

By Jeff Levensailor
#1 – request Request is the easiest way to make REST calls. It runs server-side to hide your token and if you use Postman to test the HTTP request, it can even generate the code for you! Example Request Using Spark Messages API: var request = require(β€˜request’); var req = { Β Β auth: { bearer: … Read More β†’


By Jeff Levensailor
I did a post not too long ago on the vlookup function and how it can be used to extract data by matching on a row and returning data x number of columns away. The same exists using the hlookup command to match on a column and return data x number of rows away. HLOOKUP(lookup_value, … Read More β†’

Tropo CallBox

By Jeff Levensailor
A lot of apartment buildings have callboxes that will dial a tenant and allow the tenant to open the door by pressing a key sequence. I have had to use this to call myself before when I left my keys upstairs, or that time I lost my keys for a week (but thats another story). … Read More β†’


jabber troubleshooting pt2

By Jeff Levensailor
I recently posted about the Jabber Problem Report Tool and the csf-unified.log that turned out to be one of my most popular posts. I had some feedback asking for more info on specific troubleshooting after home cluster is found, so here it is. Service Discovery Failure Codes (csf-unified.log) [table id=2 /] Service Discovery Cache File … Read More β†’


By Jeff Levensailor
Anyone who has deployed Jabber knows of the cisco-uds SRV record that Jabber uses (or Expressway-C in the case of MRA) to discover it’s services. It’s also used for directory searches, and home cluster lookup with ILS. UDS or User Data Services is a simple REST based API for CUCM. While the UDS API is … Read More β†’

REST API and the IoT (Internet of Things)

By Jeff Levensailor
You’ve probably heard a lot of buzzwords lately: API, JSON, and REST among them, however truth be told, REST or Representational State Transfer has always been around as the β€œlanguage of the internet” (a REST HTTP GET brought you this page!), so it goes without saying that in the age of Internet of Things, REST … Read More β†’

sql: unity message counts

By Jeff Levensailor
CiscoΒ has a good writeup on CUC SQL queries, which are very useful to determine which voicemail accounts are active and which are just taking up a license, and perhaps could be skipped over during migrations. To get everything you need, use the query below: listsΒ all message counts, durations, size, and dates per alias: run cuc … Read More β†’

MRA (non technical post)

By Jeff Levensailor
MRA (Mobile and Remote Access) is a technology that allows phone registrations without raw sip signaling sent over the internet. I compare it to RPC over HTTPS proxy, aka β€œOutlook Anywhere.” Email came first, now I’m not sure if anyone remembers having to VPN in for Outlook to work. After having several MRA projects back … Read More β†’

sql: jabber last login time

By Jeff Levensailor
For a list of all jabber users and their last login time, you can run the following query: run sql select e.userid, cd.timelastaccessed from enduser as e, credentialdynamic as cd, credential as cr where e.pkid=cr.fkenduser and e.tkuserprofile=1 and e.primarynodeid is not null and cr.tkcredential=3 and cr.pkid=cd.fkcredential order by cd.timelastaccessed This date is in something called … Read More β†’